Golden Hour - California Sunsets

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"Enjoy the beauty of a sunset nature's
farewell kiss for the night."
~ Sharon Rene ~

April 8th
looking out towards Malibu from
Santa Monica, California


Ricoh GR III

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Absolutely stunning with the light off the crashing waves. It may seem warm, but I know its a crisp evening.

Thank you my brotha. I got lucky with the lighting on this one. The waves were crashing just right!

Close-outs! No surfers or body boarders... You don't get lucky, you are just there all the time waiting!

Beautiful crushing wave :)

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Nature is remarkable and bring us so much beauty. Thank you for you ongoing and geneous curation support!

amazing, very beautiful scenery, looks like the picture in the morning, have a nice day @armentor

Thank you my friend!

You'are Welcome

Fantastic photography, amazing sunset!

Thank you :)

Beautiful sunset and I nice reflection of it on the beach sand. I have taken few similar ones recently, too. Great shot, @armentor!

Thank you. Fortunate to be there at the right time to catch that wave!

Matahari terbenam di ufuk barat daya, membuat hati merindukannya, dan besok kita akan menantinya kembali 😊

Thank you!

urwel 😊


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