The Royal Palace of Aranjuez - El Palacio Real de Aranjuez

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This is a watercolour I painted when a group of Hispacuarela watercolourists got together at the Real Sitio y Villa de Aranjuez. During that day, apart from painting the palace, I also had time to take notes to make, later on, other watercolours of the gardens and the jetty of the Tagus river. One of them I already shared here:

Esta es una acuarela que pinté cuando nos reunimos unos cuantos acuarelistas de Hispacuarela en el Real Sitio y Villa de Aranjuez. Durante la jornada, aparte de pintar el palacio, también me dio tiempo a tomar apuntes para hacer otras acuarelas de los jardines y el embarcadero del río Tajo. Una de ellas ya la compartí por aquí:


What beautiful work! It reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland theme. Excellent work, many successes professor. 💙☺

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much. The truth is that the fantastic permeates my work, even when the motifs are realistic.

Sometimes when doing architecture we try to stay geometrically correct but even then it may not be successful, I really love your style a harmony and plastic :)

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 2 years ago 

When I get carried away by my more personal style, I use long, curved brushstrokes, both in fantastic and realistic motifs. I like to imbue that kind of movement that gives life to the buildings themselves.

 2 years ago 

Your style is original and spectacular! The building looks happy as if it is dancing to a musical accompaniment :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you! I'm glad it gives you that impression. My intention is, precisely, to imprint that sense of movement in my paintings.

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