ARE YOU THE PUPPET OR THE PUPPETEER?: Project in colored pencil.

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If there is fear of not liking to someone then you should analyze your situation a little.
If you "try" to please someone, chances are you're acting unconsciously a degree of genius that is not constant in you, so that person will notice at some point that your normal state is not so funny.
But when you dedicate yourself to being in your "natural state", the more correct people who appreciate your "normality" are more likely to stay.

Almost the entire human race has fallen at least once in its life into the position of being the puppet or jester of a group or an individual. Moments when we are so emotionally dependent that we let them do whatever they want to us.

It is hard but it is so and I can talk about this because I lived what I am talking about.
You are special, but of course, we are all special in our own way. Keep your balance. So stay away from toxic reactions and be left with only those who stay with you after seeing who you really are.
Cut the ropes. Even if you fall and feel weak.
When you are on the ground seemingly alone, you will see someone who stays because they really appreciate you.

Loneliness? You need it to put your life in good perspective.
A lot of loneliness is not good ...
... But bad company is worse.
What will you do?
Are you the puppet or the puppeteer? Neither of those options is good for you.
Are you going to free yourself?

Take a look at the creative process in this colored pencil illustration.
All with a little help from KRITA FOR FINAL TOUCH-UPS.








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Great result and story behind!

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