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Hello everybody!

Today I want to show you a portrait of a wonderful Russian actor.
The portrait is made with a simple pencil in A4 format.
I publish the step-by-step version in scanned form.






Hope you enjoyed my post.
Until next time, Friends!



What a cool portrait! This is Dmitry Maryanov? Great job, bravo!

 3 months ago 

I sincerely thank you for your warm feedback! Yes, this is Dmitry Marianov.

Greetings friend @alkor

Excellent drawing on this portrait, looks great, you are a master in the art of drawing....

 3 months ago 

Thank you very much for such kind words!

You post is nominated for „Visual Art“ Support Program, @booming account upvote. Only the posts that are not cross posted, original and posted from Xpilar community page If your post gets approval, then you get upvote within few days. Good luck!

 3 months ago 

I am always sincerely grateful to you!

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