The beauty of natural nuances, evening views, April 13 2024

in WORLD OF XPILARlast month

In the afternoon before the sun sets, the sky has a unique atmosphere that looks like a pile of beautiful clouds and the rays of the setting sun radiate reddish and yellowish light covered in black clouds so that we cannot see the sunset, but the atmosphere is very beautiful at dusk which will turn into evening, with So at that time I was also on my way home from my family's place to stay in touch on this victory day, from a distance I could see the beautiful sky shining, but at that time I was looking for the right location to photograph this natural atmosphere so that I could introduce that my activity was always to look for views. beautiful nature and sunsets so that my blog can grow and develop.


The best moment when returning from our family's house was staying in touch, arriving on the way I kept glancing right and left at my destination to look for beautiful natural views, but at that time it would have been nice to have the best moment to introduce me to the natural beauty of North Aceh.


I feel the enthusiasm for activities in Steemit can increase my knowledge and also increase the number of friends so that the activities I do continuously are enthusiastic and never stop.

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