Deer Park PT Aron housing complex has a beautiful tourist charm

in WORLD OF XPILAR27 days ago

At noon on Friday, precisely on June 14 2024, after Friday prayer time at the PT Aron housing complex. I was able to visit the deer park in the PT Aron housing complex, which is a tourist park for the PT Aron housing complex. For those who want to spend the weekend with their family, Deer Park is suitable to visit. The beauty of this park is not about the hordes of deer as the name suggests. But the natural green beauty and several holiday facilities available in this place.









The deer park in the PT Aron housing complex is one of the most extraordinary places that can be reached by visitors, located on the edge of Medan Banda road, with amazing facilities and the snack sellers on the side of the road are also very disciplined, with a united front to help each other. To improve the quality of the environment, visitors can feel comfort and security is maintained.


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