Students making a picture of Save the Earth.

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Hello friends, It was during school time. I told all the students about save the earth. Because life is the most important on earth. I have told that the environment is getting polluted due to human behavior. I have told all the students that everyone should plant a sapling in their house, and special attention should be paid to water and fertilizers. I am bringing awareness to my students, students studying in school should be aware. Earth is a precious gift of life. It gives us oxygen and water. We are destroying trees and water for some reason. This is not right for us, because the life cycle is most important. It is understood by all the students. So we are explaining through pictures.


Let me describe to you the painting made by the student. First the student starts making the earth. In which the earth is divided into two parts, in which one side has shown the loss of human beings. There is no water and oxygen in the earth at this place. On the other hand there is plenty of water and oxygen. Then we builds a hut. Some people live in it. He always plants trees and plants. He is planting a sapling. It's all green. Now we have made the art of the other side. In which a person is cutting a tree. And a factory has been built in one corner, it is continuously giving smoke. Due to this the sky has also been filled with smoke.




I think you will like this post.
Enjoy your Saturday. A good education makes us learn something new in life. Welcome to this Art.
Have a good day.

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 4 months ago 

First of all, I congratulate you for having this beautiful work as a teacher and that you have the joy of being part of the life of our future, which is our children. I am pleased to read this post and see how you teach children through art of drawing how we are destroying the planet and how we can help it, we must care for and promote the education of our children so that they are good men and thank nature for what it gives us and gives us.

By the way, this student is very talented at drawing.

Greetings and blessings.

 4 months ago 

We have to try together, we have to rebuild the world, we know how much pollution is increasing on the earth every day. thank you, welcome @lanegra2804

 4 months ago 

This is really wonderfull, enlighten the children about there environment. These are thing we need to teach our child, although I have non but in the nearest future I guess. I love the illustrations of the boy on the board it's perfect and beautiful.

 4 months ago 

I think that teachers need to guide their students in the right direction so that they can go ahead and think about the earth, and make it beautiful. Thank you. welcome @ezuntimmy

 4 months ago 

I agree with you my friend

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