Black Jumping Spider from Aceh Forest

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.Hello everyone on this very beautiful day.

In my post this time, I want to show some of the black jumping spider pictures to all of you, I found them in the realm of the beloved Aceh forest. I took it with a macro lens. To take the spider is very difficult, because the movement is very fast, so to get the focus is very difficult. But I managed to catch a few pictures.

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What distinguishes the jumping spider from other jumping spiders is its eyes, the jumping spider has four eyes. One special pair for the anterior eye for the large median spider. And two more pairs of eyes for long-range coverage. This small spider is also a predatory animal. For complete knowledge about these spiders, you can visit this website, or click on the link here

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Posts about the life of all types of insects in nature
Thank you to friends who always support my activities in seeing all forms of insect life activities that live in the Acehnese nature.
Best Regards

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