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Greetings friends.

On this occasion I want to share in my blog, the candidacy of a beautiful and intelligent young woman who seeks to conquer the Miss Integral Beauty Venezuela contest, where the beauty of Venezuelan women is highlighted, an event that can be transcendental for any of the contestants.

She is Maricruz Urbina, an applied and disciplined young woman who has managed to take advantage of the invitation to Miss Integral Beauty to be among the finalists, being selected among the best 22 finalists out of 70 participants in this event. Although she is characterized for facing her difficulties directly, this time she needs the support of others, because, in order to continue to the final gala, she must have at least $400, since only the inscription to present herself in the final stage has a cost of $300.

Photo by Maricruz Urbina

Photo by Maricruz Urbina

Due to her limited possibilities to raise the capital, she has had to turn to sponsors and/or people who can collaborate to fulfill her dreams of participating in this prestigious event, therefore, in mutual agreement I asked her to show Steem and Steemit as one of her sponsors in her special instagram account for the event, in exchange for supporting her on the platform.

It is a pleasure to support her because I know the trajectory of this young woman, she is an excellent student and very disciplined in her activities.

Photo by Maricruz Urbina

100% of the reward of this publication will be available to support Maricruz Urbina to pay for her participation, it will be configured in favor of the friend @xpilar who will do me the favor of changing the Steem Power to Steem liquids immediately, this in order not to interfere with the balance of my wallet.

View on Instagram

Maricruz is committed to share on her Instagram profile, Steem and Steemit as one of her sponsors during this time.

If you wish to support Maricruz, you can send your contribution to the following addresses.

The previous post generated the following reward which was then sent to his Binance account thanks to the support of friend @xpilar.



I thank you for the support and attention you have given me.

All images were provided by Maricruz.

No me puedo despedir, sin antes, invitarlos a unirse al #Club5050, donde la finalidad es acelerar el crecimiento de nuestras cuentas para brindar mayor apoyo en nuestras comunidades.

Para ser parte del #club5050, solo debes asegurarte que durante el periodo del ultimo mes tengas mayor cantidad de Steem encendidos, que Steem retirados.

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Este tipo de evento suele ser una catapulta para muchas de las jóvenes que allí participan. Me parece un a excelente idea que a través de esta plataforma se pueda apoyar un gran sueño y que además ella de a conocer a steemit.

Sería muy bueno que nosotros como steemians, pudiéramos compartir esta publicación o la imagen que aparece en la publicación, en nuestras redes sociales.

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Saludos amiga @crisvera

Si, es muy cierto, además, sería una gran experiencia para ella. Toda oportunidad que se nos presenten en la vida debemos aprovecharlas o tratar de hacerla posible.

Hola amigo espero Maricruz pueda cumplir su sueño y ir al certámen está súper que en steemit la puedan apoyar.

 3 months ago 

Amén amigo, gracias por el apoyo.


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Cómo es de costoso realizar un sueño de verdad que me alegro que tenga un apoyo por aquí, el mejor de los éxitos chica !


 3 months ago 

Así es amiga, en todo los aspectos de la vida, la mayoría de los sueños tienen un alto costo.

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