Venezuela blocked for international calls

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A few days ago I went out to explore the city in search of telecommunications centers, establishments with telephone booths to make international calls. The companies Movilnet and Movistar were the only ones that provided these services, now almost all the call centers closed, I walked several streets and did not see any.

I found out that Movistar maintained an open telecommunications center, I walked a long way to get to the outskirts of the city towards Barcelona, ​​there I entered and they clarified that calls to other countries had been suspended for a few years, you can only make calls within from Venezuela.

When I returned home I reflected, the current government has blocked Venezuelans internationally through telecommunications, about twenty years ago anyone could pick up the phone, dial 00 and then the phone number of any city in the world. , now code 00 is blocked. The people isolated by telephone by their own government.

This is the reason why many Venezuelans have bought their smart phones to then connect to some free Wi-Fi and thus communicate with their relatives who have recently emigrated to ask them for financial help.

A smartphone is cheaper than a computer, cell phone sales have increased more than computer sales, in my city there are not as many stores selling computers as there were a decade ago, today what you see are stores selling and repairing cell phones.

Computer academies closed many years ago, I recently found out that a cell phone repair academy was about to start a three-month course. The circumstances in each country change according to its economy and technology.

Foreign investments are currently entering Venezuela, we are seeing the opening of new businesses in various branches of the economy, especially food, but many difficulties still persist, the bolivar continues to devalue, inflation continues to rise, Venezuelans continue to emigrate.
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