The lying letters that mean freedom

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A few months ago I dedicated myself to analyzing a logo of a social network since I saw an I and an S lying down, I have worked for several companies designing in several languages, but I was intrigued by these letters out of the ordinary.

I reverse engineered it, in this way I found its geometric profile.

I dedicated myself to searching the internet for the reason and why a logo has the letters lying down, I did not find a satisfactory answer, for which I inquired on the same social network, then asked on a telegram channel, the answer led me to investigate various videos from youtube, I entered a different cultural world and finally understood why an I and an S lying down mean Freedom!.

The alphabet of the Cambodian culture is the Khmer, composed of 72 phonemes of which 32 are vowels, it is the longest alphabet in the world, its graphics is almost 100% different from the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, this situation makes the logo look like if it were formed by an I and an S lying down, but in the Khmer alphabet those two letters are neither an I nor an S.

I learned to realize that despite the fact that we are millions and millions of earthlings, we have very marked differences in terms of culture in different latitudes, evidence is this logo which, pronounced Serey, means Freedom, a freedom for which they suffered until death thousands of Cambodians.

We, as Steemit users, must assume freedom of expression as a guarantee of the future without any unethical or common law conditions that every citizen deserves.
All the images in this publication were made 100% by me with Adobe Illustrator. 20% of the collection of this post is directed to social and humanitarian projects: @wox-helpfund 10%, @steemsos 10%.

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