Nature~~Sweet Purple of Asiatic Dayflower

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Sweet purple! Its color attracted me so badly. This typical plant is classified as a small flower that commonly grows in the wild. So, I needed to stay closer to it if I wanted to get a clear look of this attractive plant. It is called dayflower or commonly known as the Asiatic dayflower(Commelina communist) refers to the bloom period that only lasts one day. It appeared with a bright purple color that tempted me to take a couple of shots and I decided to share its beauty with you here.I took this flower when I was looking for other subjects (insects) in little wood and filling myself with the enchanting nature pieces.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300

Excellent panoramic.

Beautiful photographs of this noble model of nature.
Thank you for sharing

thank you @adeljose for rating my work

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