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I started drawing an infinite doodle awhile back as part of the Vagabond Spirit game. I put everything on hold due to the troubles on SteemIt and turmoil on the planet.

As the name implies, the doodle is drawn on a grid. Lines from the first doodle flow into other doodles on the grid. I intend to open the doodle to the public at large, so that people who wanted to add tiles to the doodle can do so.

Before I can open the doodle to the public, I need to create the basic structure for the doodle and the web site to track the doodle. Once the doodle is running, I will let people from SteemIt (and those other sites) log in and update the doodle.

To interface with the Doodle, I created an alt coin called the OMA. The game values at the OMA at one eighth of a silver dollar. Historically, an eighth of a dollar was called a bit.

The OMA is not a stable coin. It is a fantasy gaming coin. I will sell OMAs for an eighth of a piece of silver but cannot guarantee that I will repurchase the coin for that amount. Wild swings in the price of STEEM (or that fly by night currency made by the people who flew by night a year back.)

You know, FBN would be a great name for a crypto-currency.

The way I will design the interface is sell the right to develop a cell on the grid for one bit. An artist could develop the cell and resell it for whatever the market bears. As the system will always buy back a cell for one OMA, the value of a developed cell on the grid (in OMA) should increase.

I admit, the design is going slow. I am suffering too many distractions. Yesterday, I created the first draft of the OMA coin logo yesterday (viewed above). I am finalizing the layout of the grid today, and will start drawing and coding shortly.

I started developing the structure for infinite doodle before the NFT craze. Since each tile in the grid has a location and unique characteristics, the tiles could be considered non-fungible. Personally, I think the NFT market is doomed to collapse because people can declare anything to be non-fungible.

I welcome comments on both the design of the infinite doodle and the ID program. I will also discuss the program on the Creative Coin web site