TimeApp.Foundation Development Proposal #1

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TimeApp.Foundation Development Proposal #1


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TimeApp Foundation is available from November 2021, but it still needs a lot of development and above all to be advertised to reach a wide audience of users, thus bringing them closer to the Steem world.

This proposal will mainly focus on three different axis :

  • Maintain, improve and refactor the existing App
  • Continue developing the App
  • Cover the infrastructural costs

The past and upcoming work regarding these three points will be discussed on the paragraphs below.

Although we made a lot of progress, there is still much we want to do in the coming months:


  • Transform the current App to improve the experience using it on mobile
  • Create a night vision UI
  • Improve UI CSS for better experience both on mobile and on PC
  • Create and maintain a time.foundation witness and RPC to better support TimeApp Foundation


  • We are always thriving to give a timely response to issues reported on our Discord but we need some help to manage it
  • We plan to extend our presence on other social as Meta, Twitter, Telegram and so on

For this proposal, we are applying for a daily budget of 200 SBD for a period of 12 months.
This daily budget will be used to hire part-time developer and a part-time support guy
Developing and handling the administrative work for TimeApp Foundation is a hard work, there is still much more to do, and adding a developer to the team will allow us to do just that.

We commit to post monthly on the progress made during the previous month.
We hope you will enjoy following our development updates.

@ilnegro : CEO - Developer - Witness

@girolamomarotta: Witness

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What's TimeApp Foundation?

Available for almost 5 months TimeApp Foundation is an "Immutable Value Meter", a fixed value exchange system.

Currencies, both virtual and FIAT, can be an excellent speculation tool, but they fail to be truly effective as a tool for storing and exchanging value.

As you can see these days an investment in Crypto can be a more than valid method to speculate, but it carries substantial risks of losing the capital invested.

Time Foudation has created a new storage and exchange system that has no value of its own as it is NOT exchangeable, NOT purchasable and NOT salable.

Time was chosen as the unit of measurement, the only real wealth possessed by every human being, a form of intrinsic wealth.

To get an indication of the value of an hour, Time Foundation has chosen to estimate the minimum value of an hour of work using the minimum hourly wage in force in many states of the USA, for this reason there is an indicative value in the wallet in US $.
Currently, the average minimum hourly wage can be quantified at $ 10.625
There is also an indication of the value of an hour in euros, Time Foundation has chosen to estimate the minimum value of an hour of work using the minimum hourly wage in force in many states of the EU, for this reason there is an indicative value in the wallet in €.
Currently, the average minimum hourly wage can be quantified at € 12.570

Each person can create an account on TimeApp Foundation and will receive 10 hours.

Time Foundation will periodically assign new hours to all registered users based on a time frame that can be varied based on the number of users and other management considerations.

Through the TimeApp Foundation wallet each registered user will be able to view their wallet and the operations carried out.

The only possible action is to send "time" in the form of hours and fractions of an hour, to another registered user.

This operation takes place via Steem Keychain, therefore, in order to use TimeApp Foundation you need to be a Steemit user and have Steem Keychain installed.

Each operation consists of a transfer of 0.010 Steem to the time.foundation account; the memo specifies a control code, the user to whom "time" is to be sent, the amount of hours and fractions of an hour to be sent.

The transaction fees are used to finance the management and development of the application.

Each operation on the Steem blockchain is combined with what is recorded in the TimeApp Foundation archives and a control transfer is then written on the Steem blockchain, in this way all the operations carried out can be reconstructed from the Steem blockchain.

Your time, present in your wallet on TimeApp Foundation, CANNOT be bought, CANNOT be sold and CANNOT be exchanged for other currencies.

It will periodically increase automatically as time passes.

Initially, one hour will be assigned to each registered user on the first day of each month.


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Good morning.

Can you please tell me
where and how you created this proposal?
Where do I have to do this if I also want to create a proposal?
Thank you very much.

I think you should follow the instruction sent you by file

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