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Hi Everybody.

I entered @Steam Bangladesh to post. But before that I tour all the communities, and I enter all the communities to post. Various communities have to be organized in different contest. I am very interested to participate in this contest. Then I look at the communities better. One of the communities I enter is the Italian community Then I enter this community then I see a contest organized. That is the @Unforgettable Italy contest, Entrepreneurs organizing this contest @girolamomarotta He has become the organizer of this contest. In the meantime I am watching the contest participants. Here all of Italy participated in the contest by photographing special historical places and places of interest. But one of the contest posts I saw was a Twitter post . An art drawing was seen in this Twitter post, his art drawing was Colosseum building . This is a special historical place in Italy. This art is drawn by @ahmadbadawi he. I was inspired by myself when I saw this post and art drawings of his And feeling excited by myself. To participate in this contest. @ahmadbaidawi I was inspired by him then I decided that I would also draw art, eventually I would draw art in an Italian visitor place and finally I did it. The art drawing of my visitor's place is a bridge . It is located in Venice italy ( the floating city ). Complete this drawing then photosession. I started drawing.



I used the first art. And have draw art in art paper. This drawing has been drawn with 2B pencil. Here is a lot of tools used to do the drawing. This drawing pencil has sketched and has been. Then here two colors have been mixed together as colour pencil and water colour . The drawing of the water here is the river and the sky here with water colour. All the structures have been drawn with the next colour pencil. And the drawing is stepped by step, then the drawing is slowly colour . Finally, after drawing and color, the art drawing was completed.

Pencil sketch.






Art is beautifully drawn and decorated with colour.This time a drawing photo session has been done and various motivations have been done. I am hopeful that your support, support and encouragement will inspire me. This is the first post in this community. So your supportive support will make me interested to participate in the next post. So I'm a bit confused, because this is a photography contest. But instead of photography, I draw art and photo session the drawing and then participate in the contest. @ahmadbaidawi I got to see his support and encouragement and good. Seeing his support, I took this step. I don't know how you will like this post and drawing of mine and I don't know if I can attract you through this post. Now this is your opinion. Willingness to post again will arouse interest.

My support is.

@the floating city

Thanks All.