A pleasure, Soulfuldremer.
Then... I think you refer to the mention in the winners' section. But that one, it isn't the problem, because I added your name more than one time, and without upper case (in other sections). This is a recurrent problem of the Steem blog interfaces, because I don't receive many notifications too. Probably there are some parameters in the programming language of the Steem interfaces, I can suppose. Maybe they set some thresholds and doesn't show the notifications they consider under that threshold.
I don't know, I can suggest you to check my blog once a week only. Considering Photochain, for example, try to check 8 days after the publication of the Photochain edition post. I am trying to publish a new post using the same day of the week.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but at the moment I didn't find another way to solve this problem :(

No issue:)
I will keep checking your blog from time to time...
You can also visit mine sometime...

Below is my entry for current week edition:

Keywords: kids/clouds/ tresses (hair)

Personal keyword: Tresses (hair)

Yeah, I will :) Thank you for your new participation, a good one. You find a difficult subject, maybe. We'll see what happens. Welcome here and a big good luck!

I just found my entry today. Really 'heaven sent', cause, uh, we dont have clouds currently ... the sky is monochrome gray in months.

Basically same theme as mine as well. Very nice entry. Are these your kids? They must have enjoyed the water. Best of luck in the contest 🤞

The elder is my daughter and the little one is our friends' daughter.
It's a beautiful lake, somewhat secluded!

seems I did not notice my name mentioned as well. I mean, I checked your blog ofc, and find this post manually, but when I check my feed - Steemit seems have ignored you mentioned me in the list. Strange...

I know that this problem exists. I replied to Soulfuldreamer on the same theme. The interfaces I use to interact don't show me many notifications, and I think the same is for many other people. Maybe there are some thresholds in the programming of the apps to report only notifications they consider valuable. I don't know, precisely.
I didn't find any solution and the only way at the moment is to manually check the #photochain tag or my blog. I continue to tag the participants, anyway. We'll see what the future take us.

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