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RE: PHOTOCHAIN Challenge TESTNET - Edition number 10 [ENG | ITA]

in Italy5 months ago (edited)

My entry for this edition:

Keywords: candle (scented apple candle) + eye
Personal keyword: history (tinted-glass history paperweight)

A little description about my entry:
Apple of my eye personified. The candle in apple shape and the eye of my darling daughter; with a touch of history!

I hope you find the picture and description interesting
Cc: @gems.and.cookies


Wonderful entry! Your daughter has such expressive and lovely eyes. And your candle, first time I've seen one in a shape and color of an apple 🍏 I will not want to light that up lest it gets disfigured.

The paperweight is very interesting. It looks to me as if it is a depiction of Jesus being led by Roman soldiers to Pilate for sentencing. A religious history.

Congratulations @soulfuldreamer. This is a very well presented entry. 👏👏👏 A big good luck in the contest!

🍏 I will not want to light that up lest it gets disfigured.

Neither do I 😊

Thank you so much for appreciation. Means a lot.
I tried to be as creative as possible with the available props!

Yeah, we like it. Thank you to join again, Soulfuldreamer. Welcome to the current edition and a big good luck! :)

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