Pleasant january Sign / Photo Story

in Italy2 years ago (edited)


I visited my friend's apartment.

I heard rain drops falling. The sleet fall from early morning was stopped before we have a tendency to knew it and it had been simply descending. My friend and that i Saturday at the facet of the window. It perceived to be the primary rain to ushers the january . january rain perpetually comes initial before yellow flowers. Natural grey unfold outside of the window. Neither light-weight nor dark ... I felt the silver-gray time just like the blessing of that day by the spring rain with the beads. The beads was a precious gift that my friend received from her sister WHO cannot contact for a few inescapable reasons. I hope she incorporates a excellent news from her sister this year.





It’s still a bit cold, but I am looking forward to any other signs of spring such as flowers appearing outside, spring vegetables available in grocery stores and warm spring sunshine. It was a calm and happy time. I walked pleasantly on the wet streets.


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