UNFORGETTABLE ITALY Week 25 ǀ Fontana dei Dioscuri

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Hello Italy community! I am glad to present you my entry for week 25 of the Unforgettable Italy contest, proposed by @girolamomarotta.

I cherish in my heart the memories of my adventure in the city of Rome. I remember that on the second day, together with my travel companion, I visited the area of the Palazzo Quirinale (The Quirinal Palace), seat of the Italian government. We had started our walk from the inn, through beautiful streets of endless cobblestones. The Quirinal hill is also a very interesting viewpoint, from there, I could see much of the city and the domes of many churches.

The photo I present to you today was taken by my companion with my camera. I thought it was very funny that she captured me running towards the fountain. In this case it is La Fontana dei Dioscuri, located in front of the Palace.

I really like to dig a little into the history of the places I visit, so I learned that in the 16th century, Pope Sixtus V, ordered to move to the square the statues of the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, from the Baths of Constantine I; two centuries later, Pope Pius VI improved the design of the square and included the great obelisk, moved from the Campus Martius. The original fountain was lost and then the current one was built; it was designed by Raffaele Stern.

The visit to the Quirinal Hill was pleasant and unforgettable. I hope to return and enjoy once again its atmosphere and monuments.

The picture is my property

Technical Details:

Camera: MAXCAM S-10
Resolution: 2736 x 3648
Focal Length: 5.7mm
Exposure time:0.0016 s (1/618)
Aperture: f/5.5
ISO: 80


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