UNFORGETTABLE ITALY contest: Week 34 ǀ Castel Sant’Angelo

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Greetings, friends of the Italy community! This is my entry for the 34th week of the Unforgettable Italy contest, hosted by @girolamomarotta. On this ocassion, I will tell you about my visit to Castel Sant’Angelo, as well as some facts about this amazing site.

I remember it was a morning in February, the fourth day on the itinerary of my visit to the city of Rome. I woke up very early, as I was looking forward to getting to know the area of the city that was set on my tight schedule. I had breakfast and left for Termini Station, where I took the bus that would take me close to the Vatican walls. I stayed there for a while, admiring and touring the Square and St. Peter's Basilica; then I made my way along Via della Consolazione to Castel Sant'Angelo.

This castle, also called Hadrian's Mausoleum, is a beautiful monument located on the banks of the Tiber, the emblematic Aelius bridge connects the building to the other side of the river. This monument has been modified several times during medieval and Renaissance times.

As a curious fact, the castle is connected to the Vatican City through a fortified corridor called Passetto, which has a length of 800 meters and has served as an escape route for popes in danger during conflict situations; it should be noted that this passage is not open to the public.

Outside the castle, you can find street performers dressed as Roman guards waiting to take pictures with passers-by and tourists.

The picture was taken by me with my personal camera

Technical Details:

Camera: MAXCAM S-10
Resolution: 3648 x 2736
Focal Length: 5.7mm
Exposure time: 0.0051 s (1/196)
Aperture: f/5.5
ISO: 80


Non sono mai stato a Roma, ma deve proprio essere una delle città più belle del mondo

È così, amico. È una città bellissima che vale la pena visitare.

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