Che cos'è una blockchain? | What is a blockchain?

in Italy2 years ago


Quante volte ci viene posta la domanda: sì ma... che cos'è una blockchain?
Devo dire che inizialmente non sapevo tradurre a parole il concetto di blockchain, perchè ne avevo capito l'importanza, ma non riuscivo a esplicitare con un linguaggio comprensibile a tutti cosa fosse.

How many times do we get asked the question: yes but... what is a blockchain?
I have to say that at first I couldn't put the concept of blockchain into words, because I understood its importance, but I couldn't explain in a language that everyone could understand what it was.

Allora ci ho pensato, e ho elaborato una serie di frasi per spiegare la blockchain.

So I thought about it, and came up with a series of sentences to explain the blockchain.

Una blockchain è un sistema di archiviazione dati

A blockchain is a data storage system


Ogni dato nella blockchain viene archiviato in un blocco, e ogni blocco è messo in sequenza ad una catena di blocchi.

Each piece of data in the blockchain is stored in a block, and each block is sequenced to a blockchain.

Prima caratteristica: si possono aggiungere blocchi, non si possono eliminare blocchi

First feature: you can add blocks, you cannot delete blocks


Seconda caratteristica: ogni blocco è collegato al precedente e ne contiene l'impronta digitale

Second feature: each block is linked to the previous one and contains its digital fingerprint.


Essendo ogni blocco collegato all'altro, insieme creano una catena di blocchi, ovvero una blockchain!

As each block is linked to the other, together they create a blockchain, i.e. a blockchain!


Domanda: che ne pensate di queste definizioni?
Question: what do you think of these definitions?

Grazie per aver letto! Thanks for reading!

 2 years ago 

Adesso ho capito meglio e so come definire una blockchain, grazie sei stata chiarissima!

 2 years ago 

sono contenta ti sia stato utlile!!

It is a good definition, there is coherence in what has been explained with an appropriate follow-up of the elements involved: blocks and their connections among others..

 2 years ago 

thank you :)

Thank you very much for explaining it in this way, since some find it a bit difficult to understand it, and it is good that from now on we are familiarizing ourselves with these terms so popular these days. Thanks for this detail.

 2 years ago 

thank you for the reply! yes it is a bit difficult to explain it

We thank you for the dedication and effort for this good explanation since there are words with which we are not used to using them. Another word that many have a hard time understanding is NTF. Greetings.

 2 years ago 

I will write a post trying to explain what a NFT is. Thanks for the advise ;)

This word among others, is used a lot lately, it is good that we know the meaning to understand well the topic that is being discussed, thanks for this explanation.

 2 years ago 

Yes I think it is important to have clear ideas :)

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