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RE: PHOTOCHAIN Challenge TESTNET - Edition number 14 [ENG | ITA]

in Italy4 months ago (edited)


Today heaven sent me a proper match - kids at the playground. You cannot but notice some painted clouds on the murals! NB. The sky is monotonous grey, there is not a single cloud I can take a pic of, lol.


Couldn't be more perfect!
Very nice...
Good luck with the competition:)

Grazie. I like a lot your visual too. 🥰

Did you happen to read my post on sidechains???

No, actually I was very tired yesterday, and right now I am in the office. Have a full working day. I will check it in the evening, at least will try.

It's a great choice, cartoonish clouds is a cloud without doubts. Thank you to join again and welcome to the current edition. As in my habits, a big good luck for your entry :)

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