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RE: PHOTOCHAIN Challenge TESTNET - Edition number 14 [ENG | ITA]

in Italy4 months ago (edited)

Hi @davidesimoncini. Picking up where I left off. My entry for this Edition, "A day in the beach with my grandson" enjoying every minute of it.


My Personal Keyword is SHADOW.



Beautiful clouds, as like you lended them from Miyadzaki's cartoon. Convincing entry!

I haven't seen any films of Miyazaki but I heard they are really good. Thank you and good luck to you on your entry. I really love looking at snow and wintry scenes. 😊

Oh oh, ready for the water :D
Thank you to join again, Gems. Nice finding even this week. Welcome to the new edition and a big good luck! :)

Thank you and as always, my pleasure 😊

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