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RE: PHOTOCHAIN Challenge TESTNET - Edition number 10 [ENG | ITA]

in Italy5 months ago

Hi @davidesimoncini. Let's start the ball rolling. Here's my entry for this Edition. It was taken on the occasion of my grandson's 6th birthday. He is about to blow the candle out after we sang him a Happy Birthday. On the cake, we can see marshmallows and chocolate cookies on top beside the red dedication.




Such a yummy cake... And a beautiful kid
You set the bar so high 🙂🙂🙂

Thank you for your beautiful comment. Yes, it was a yummy cake indeed. And my grandson is quite a charmer too 😃

I will await your entry as I know you will be submitting some excellent ones. 🥰

All the subjects are in the photo, very well. Thank you to join again, Gems. Welcome to the new edition and a big good luck :)

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