The Diary Game 31/10/2021 - Activities when bored and stress reliever

in Italy3 months ago

Hello all the members of the #italy communitymay you always be in good health.
I am very grateful to sir @girolamomarotta
For having created a contest in #italy
I hope this kind of contest @diaryofgame will never end, success always sir @girolamomarotta you be more successful in the future.

For my post this will tell the members #italy my activities in the diary of game contest, we went somewhere that was a bit difficult to visit and not many people know about this place.
Here's the story of our excitement about going to this place.



Like the photo above we had to go through the tropical forest we had to walk for about 4 hours, with a very slippery path due to rainy weather and also the uphill road and we had to be careful so that we all did not slip, so that we could get to the destination safely, not everyone knows that behind this steep hill will look a very beautiful scenery and still very natural Even we will not see plastic waste and The other side is on the beach.

ridha_fachrazi_20210409_1.png PicsArt_06-04-10.06.23.jpg PicsArt_06-04-10.05.44.jpg

We can see how blue sea water without human debris in it, the sea with this condition is very rarely found in this era.
One of the beaches that has not been touched by humans.
Even around this beach there are no villages even villages, really hidden places behind the forest. PicsArt_06-04-10.07.09.jpg PicsArt_06-04-11.01.50.png

After taking approximately 4 hours then you can find the object of the scenery that you do not even believe in what you see, after making a very dangerous journey then it will pay off after you reach the beach lhok keutapang cut this.
But our journey wasn't over as we had to walk down the shore before the rising tide covered the shoreline.




After arriving at our destination, we also rested and enjoyed the beauty of the natural forest and sea. PicsArt_06-04-10.11.19.jpg PicsArt_06-04-10.09.46.jpg

If you are lucky and the weather is again nice not overcast then you will see one of the very amazing beauties, where we can see the sunset so very clearly from the beach in a different way, because the atmosphere is so calm there is no noise from the machine and you are really like being in another world at sunset.

Hopefully #italy community friends can enjoy the story and some poto that I immortalized using android cameras.

Warm greetings from me @farady08


All the chelas looks good in the picture

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