Are You a STEEM Supporter, or Does STEEM Support You?!

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So what would 2021 be without a Steem scandal! Obviously, the 2020 STEEM/HIVE split is difficult to outdo, but why not try, right!


Stop rubbing your eyes, you're not seeing an illusion. Yes... 146,734.036 STEEM have been siphoned into the pocket of one person who has spent a year yelling BULLY, BULLY with tears in his eyes, all the while grabbing as much STEEM as he can. And the list was too long to get a screenshot showing that even today more STEEM has been sent to the Binance account to... well... I guess support Steem? NOT!

The magic of psychopathy is that you are incredibly convincing when you pretend to be an idiot, all the while laughing at those who are convinced that your childlike stupidity is a sign of innocence, when in fact, it is all an act!


That's exactly how a lying psychopath would respond. "Money?! What money?! I'm just here to make it a better world!"


Yes, you do everything to put @steem-supporter in a bad light
I know more about why he has taken out that amount of steem during that time. Part of the amount comes from me and my team so I think you should put that ball dead

So you and your team are funding steemsupporter, which explains why you are defending him. This also means that you and your team are either directly or indirectly funding his actitivies, which include the present security breach under investigation. Thank you for the information.


146,734 - 30,000 = 116,734 STEEM

No, I don't think I will be putting that ball dead just yet... in fact, I'm going to let that ball continue rolling down the money trail!

Quick question is steem still used on this site or is it all TRX now? And how do I move Tron into my account?

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