The Diary Game 12/06/2021. French Summer Gin: June by G’Vine

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Today I talk about serious things, such as alcohol :) G’Vine are French gin. The French resume producing gin, and G’Vine is one such producer in the Cognac area. Their trick is that the alcohol is obtained from the distillation of grapes, not cereals (the French have many grapes), so a finer, more pleasant and sweeter alcohol is obtained.

G’Vine also uses the vine flowers for an extra aroma. Like (almost) any other gin, the drink is then infused with juniper flavors, plus other herbs and aromatic spices that belong to the secret recipe of the French. The result is G'Vine gin, bottled in a slightly more massive bottle with a cork, which costs 128 lei at Finestore, and during this period you can still deduct 10% of any order and 15% of any order over 999 lei, discounts which is automatically applied at the end.

I drank June by G’Vine, two special edition gin, with more suitable summer flavors. June Royal Pear and Cardamom is even gin, strength 37%. G’Vine gin is additionally infused with pears. I know it says cardamom on the label and I was afraid it wouldn't be a dubious flavor, but I didn't feel it or it's not pregnant. The drink is cool, the taste is very successful, it is sweet just enough to make the summer go well. On the official website it says that it goes well with mineral water or champagne; I drank it very well with tonic water.

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June Wild Peach and Summer Fruits is the second summer edition. It is called gin liqueur because it is weaker, has 30% strength. It is sweeter than the other, take it only if you like sweeter cocktails, and with fruit flavors that reminded me of candy. At 30% strength you can drink very well and only with ice. Both can be very good bases in summer cocktails. If you've ever liked Whitley-Neill flavored gin, for example, you'll most likely love June, maybe even more. If I had to choose one of them, I would go for the one with pears.

The bottles are colored, by the way, but the drinks are colorless. If you want a spectacular drink, get inspired by Gintoneria, Linea and other places that prepare complex cocktails in appearance. Take a large glass of red wine, put gin, ice, tonic water, then 1-2 slices of fruit. They go well with oranges, but organic or untreated peel, pears, apples, mangoes or seasonal fruits, but if you put strawberries, raspberries or cherries, it would be better to keep them in the fridge or even freezer for a while, so that they do not fall apart. in the drink.

You can then put in the cocktail and various smaller items: currants or cranberries (they have Mega in a casserole), black or red peppercorns, star anise, maybe a piece of cinnamon. We bought some such ingredients some time ago, after drinking such gin at a food truck fest, and in the summer we usually drink tonic gin prepared in this way.

Just because you're home doesn't mean you can't make everything as enjoyable as possible.

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