The Diary Game 05/06/2021. Pop-Up Museum. Art and Food Plus Other Combinations.

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Art, technology and ambition

published 100 trends in areas such as culture, technology and innovation, travel and the hospitality industry, branding and marketing, etc. We have selected three cultural trends with impact for us, those who live neither in Silicon Valley nor in Hollywood, who demonstrate that areas once considered antagonistic are beginning to merge, offering young generations different perspectives on learning and education.

How do we as parents adapt to trends in innovation, technology and culture change so that we can better understand our children and facilitate their access to the new? How do we reposition ourselves in order to enjoy with them a world that offers us more and more access to information resources, but also to different attitudes?

Museums of the future

In opposition to recent trends by curators and artists to promote pop-up museums that appeal to the social media-hungry population (a pop-up museum has, among other things, the quality of being easily Instagramable), teamLab Planets installations, and Borderless in Tokyo instructs their visitors to leave their selfie sticks at the entrance.

These digital art exhibitions that go beyond the imagination transform the visitor from a simple observer to the protagonist. Nature-themed spaces are complemented by virtual lakes with rainbow lights that light up as a person advances into the museum-type installation. The walls project images depending on how the visitors' exhibits move or touch. Instead of creating spaces that look good for a 2D environment like Instagram, teamLab creates a sensory mix of art and digital, allowing visitors to become part of the art exhibition in real time.

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This type of museum uses advanced technology such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) to involve the growing generations in a total digital environment, which has accustomed them to visual stimulation on demand. Artists and curators are thus challenged to rethink the role of the viewer from a passive to an active one, and parents to look at the digital exposure of their children with gentler and more curious eyes.

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geniale!!! questo è un super museo.

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