The Diary Game 02/06/2021. Restaurants You Have to Try When in Rome.

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Rome means Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain and, inevitably, carbonara. The capital of Italy is known for its architectural wonders, but also for its own cuisine - Romana - rich in intense flavors, thick sauces and carbohydrates. Therefore, if you plan a City break here, you need to know that you will eat well and you will run from one monument to another. Suppose you have already made your sightseeing list so i'll help you with the culinary side and present five restaurants you have to try in Rome.

Trattoria da Cesare Il Casaletto

Many reviews about Roman culinary art talk about Da Cesare that it is the best treaty you can eat in Rome. I really had part of a memorable dinner there, but what you need to know is that I gave a little of the elbows to get a reservation. Initially, I called a few times at their phone number, but no one answered us. I finally succeeded in taking over from someone in the restaurant's staff who scared little by the fact that I was talking in English, he asked us when we wanted to book, after which he told us: Sorry, we have reserved everything :)) Anyway after various insistences the reservation was made. Trattoria da Cesare Il Casaletto is far from any tourist area of Rome at the end of the tram line 8, which starts from Piazza Venezia. We're talking about a 35-minute road but worth all the effort. I got there late because of the traffic, about 10 minutes to open the restaurant, and I was among the first customers of that night. Half an hour later, all the restaurant was full of Italian families who had come out at the table. It was probably the most authentic culinary experience that I lived in a Rome restaurant.



We started with a bottle of white organic wine, pungent to the taste (the best possible) and we enjoyed some excellent appetizers: Gnochetti in cacio and sweeps salsa (small pastes, potato sauce, and served on the sauce made from pecorino romano and piper) and fried eggplants with tomato sauce above. In the main way, we were put on the back of spaghetti alla carbonara (spaghetti with a sauce made of egg, guanciale / pig cheek, pecorino, and again pepper). As simple are carbonara usually, so good and creamy were the ones tested here. We have had the coda alla vaccinara con sugo (short pasta with tomatoes and beef - a specific food), very good, like everything. So, when you plan your next holiday in Rome, put this address on the list: Via del Casaletto, 45. You can eat well with twenty euros per person. Ask for table in the courtyard, the atmosphere is more beautiful.

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