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RE: PHOTOCHAIN Challenge TESTNET - Edition number 14 [ENG | ITA]

in Italy4 months ago (edited)

Salve a tutti. Non è stato semplicissimo riuscire a trovare una fotografia per partecipare a ...
Mare Colo_Roccella.jpg
ITA - Nuvola e Bambino + MARE
EN - Cloud(s) and Kid(s) + SEA


Ma vedo con piacere che anche questa volta hai centrato l'obbiettivo. Benone. Benvenuto ancora una volta e grazie mille della partecipazione, Adinapoli. In bocca al lupo :)

Lovely entry. I don't know who is enjoying more, the kids or the grandparents 😂

Good luck in this Edition 🤞

Yep, probably no one was having fun, only I (as a photographer) was satisfied. 📷

Maybe it is us, spectators! ;) just kidding.

Perfect match, and a great tempting keyword. Liked the image. (What it is, on the left?..)

I don't remember exactly what was between the poles on the left, I think it was a notice to swimmers or the prices of beach umbrellas.

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