Review of Copper Tongue Scraper! (from dragon's breath to the sweet smell of success!)

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I am digging this whole Apothecary movement of products. Having learned of the healing benefits of Copper I was oh so surprised to know it was anti-microbial. Have you ever used a tongue scraper? That sh*t be nasty that comes off and I don't care how much of a dainty flower you think you are. I stumbled on this site and bought a solid copper scraper to be all that I could be!


I didn't get paid to endorse this but am endorsing it cause it's awesome and the back of it is hilarious. Here is their verbage on this scaper of gnarlage that actually looks kinda artsy and nice in your bathroom. (or wherever you randomly feel like scraping your tongue like in the middle of a pop up artisanal beard care store or Wal-Mart!)

From the back of my amazing COPPER TONGUE SCRAPER packaging! It was very well packaged and the Copper is smooth and extremely well fashioned to de-gunk.

Want breath so fresh that polar bears will prefer to sniff it rather than wallow in the icy cold waters of the arctic? Our tongue scraper is forged from the molten ore of the earth. Made from 100% pure copper, its anti-microbial powers will force the hordes of fuzzy white bacteria living on your tongue to flee in sheer terror, vanquishing your dragon like morning breath and replacing it with the aroma of a butterfly-winged unicorn after having gorged on lavender flower-infused ambrosia.

From The Dirt , their website is at the top and also Amazon carries it.


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The anti microbial properties of copper are why it was used to make door knobs back in the day.

Cheers 🥂 to a clean 👅

I had no idea, that's a cool fact, all this "old" stuff is proving to have been either supressed or forgotten to promote more expensive and often less effective things
thanks for the info :)

Glad you now have good breath after a daily copper scraping. I know a certain pirate that probably appreciates more than anyone!

I will check it out!

!giphy bad+breath

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