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As Doge Coin successfully creates a freaking Baseball team in California we patiently wait on SMT's and to see what other frontend/dapps will come to make moon. Much Wow! I always liked having Doge just for fun which is the secret to having people actually give a rat's arse. I am very happy to see the fun world of Doge evolve. SO MUCH FREAKING WOW!

(hello there, got any of dat crypto? giphy)

The California Dogecoin of Fairfield Professional Baseball Club is new for the 2020 season and will be playing in the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs out of Laurel Creek Park in Fairfield, California. A unique mashup between family fun and crypto currency promotion! 1 DOGE still equals 1 DOGE! ....

It will be a Minor League team with MUCH WIN in Cali Wine country that ought to help the fun factor and probably price of Doge go up. It would be amazing to see other platforms or even Tribes and Communities be able to follow suit even if at a local level. The Fairfield based team also is seeking to be listed on Coinbase, sell merch and be everything that is the opposite of Mark Zuckerberg!


I for one am stoked to see them play and am probably gonna pony up on a bit of merch. Someone has to get the ball rolling right?



I have been thinking about trying to write about my Triathlon training, and maybe be "sponsored" by steemit. Like running, and biking in steemit clothes. Then at least we would have a Steemit Triathlete :p

No joke, butttt that would make sense right ;)
thank you for the support and upvote, appreciate it
You could have people bid on bodyparts to logo

Speak to @actifit . They sponsor some people already!

Good luck with the training.

DOGE has done stuff with the space station got a much wow coin up there and we're still waiting for smt's , lol :( half snarky joke
anyways, the smart peeps on here would jump on that opportunity, I wonder what it would be to just get my name on the pitcher's arm or something, just a little logo.........also am going to buy a hat

Another goal is to get Dogecoin listed on Coinbase

The way they say it and talk about Mark Zuckerberg and Libra, that's interesting! They also sell some products on the site. Anyway, Dogecoin price is $0.003170 now.

Oh yeah, compared to others is doing good gains because they get it imho op/ed
it's very hard in DPOS communities for it have it not turn into exactly what the original principals of decentralization are, hence ETH is my <3 too, Steem and having Steem Engine lagging and not working right is embarassing. O.o catch ya round Ninja

Hahaa that is some kinda awesome right there!!

That is absolutely awesome! Doge is perhaps the most fun crypto, ever, and this is precisely why.

Exactly! Some platforms could take a lesson or three lol :)

Great News, I would have missed this!
Kerris has a buttload of DOGE, I hear


collect for fun, they gitt'er done!

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damn women... that's cool news, keep us update! upvoted

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