Any Day Is a Good Day to Eat Chcolate

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I Love Chocolate.jpg

Back in 2019, around springtime, when I used to travel, I spent a few days in Barcelona with a friend who lives there and he took me to visit an awesome exhibition dedicated to film director Stanley Kubrick that was held in the city center. I took a lot of photos at the exhibition, I mean a lot, so many that my phone battery ended up diying. I'll share those photos and write about them in a separate post.

On our way back, walking through the charming narrow streets that I love so much about the city , we stumbled upon a small chocolate shop where a piece of chocolate with rose petals caught my eye. We went in and I bought the box that you can see in the photo. Though the real chocolates looked slightly different than the ones displayed on the cover of the box, they were delicious.

They're called Petit Plaisir and they even have website with some recipes (using chocolate of course):

That was definitely what I call a day well spent.

Photo taken by me using my friend's Huawei phone.


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