Australia, Oceania & Africa - Weekly Round-Up #264

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Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Australia, Oceania & Africa roundup!

Ready to go on an adventure with us? We know it's Monday and it's hard to leave the weekend behind, however we would like to ease your way into the new week with the mesmerising posts submitted on

The BEST posts for Australia, Oceania & Africa

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National Gallery of Victoria: Melbourne (AUSTRALIA) by @bengy

📍Victoria, Australia

Ah, I had forgotten that Australian Galleries and Museums were free admission. You only need to pay if you are going to see a special touring collection or exhibit... and this is in stark contrast to the Dutch model where you were best off purchasing a subscription Museumkaart that would give you free entry into the participating museums. Just a

Blackbutt and the BVRT parkrun, Queensland, Australia. by @new.things

📍Queensland, Australia

South East Queensland has a newish parkrun so it was another early 3:30 am rise and on the road by 4 am to pick up a friend to make the just over 2 hours drive north west of Brisbane. Luckily the roads are pretty quiet this time of day and we made really good time. Blackbutt is named after the trees that used to be logged in the area. The tree has

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