Asia - Weekly Round-Up #264

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Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup!

Are you bored out of your mind and need a distraction? Then we got the right articles for you, the following are our favorite posts from last week featuring Asia. Start reading and daydreaming. If you haven't shared your stories yet, don't forget to give it a try on!

The BEST posts for Asia

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Fun at Zeenat Restaurant by @rosecane

Couple of days ago, one of my friend and colleague came to Karachi from Sialkot on annual leaves to attend the wedding ceremony of his cousin. Little background of him, he used to live in Karachi but six months ago, he was transferred to Sialkot station and got promoted from Operations department to Sales Department. He is one of the most favorite

Le Spa: Ancient Prison turned SOFITEL in Luang Prabang by @jeremiahcustis

The former prison and mansion in Luang Prabang, Laos has been transformed into a luxurious SOFITEL Hotel downtown. With its unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Laotian and French architecture, you can stay in Luang Prabang with style. You can’t miss the entrance with these beautiful elephant statues out front. The hotel is on Ban

Exploring one of the most wild trails in Bangladesh. (Melkhum) by @smtr-rafi

Just as you see in the picture, this Melkhum place of Mirsarai, there is no edit or effect in these pictures. In real sense, the vastness of nature can be understood only on the route which has less human traffic, ”Melkhum” is the name of a newly discovered trail, people have only known about this trail for a few days, so I took the bait before

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