I visited for short time but my sister will stay there forever.

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Community Hall & Party Center are introduced by our urban civilization. Now a day's we are celebrating our birthday party in any party center. Community Hall & Party Center are very useful to the people of the urban city because they can't afford such kind of big space for arranging a party in their city house.  But the formality of Community Hall & Party Center reduced the enjoyment of any occasion.

The people who belong from a rural area love to enjoy themself maximum on any kind of occasion, If we are talking about a marriage ceremony then you can't imagine the level of enjoyment of Bangladeshi villagers. When I'm talking about a marriage ceremony of a Hindu family, I have to add many more about the celebration. Continuously 3 days celebration with traditional band party, dancing with friends, relative and neighbor make the ceremony very enjoyable for each and every invited people.

Recently I visited my native village to celebrate one of my sisters' marriage ceremonies. I was planning to attend this occasion two days before starting. But bad luck I completely missed the overall celebration which took part in my sister's house. I made a promise to my sister so have to join If I got only a one-minute chance.  I reached my cousin's house early morning on the last day of the occasion. On this day we will visit the groom's house cause we were invited by them.  We hired 2 buses for traveling.

60 people in two buses with full excitement we started our journey from our native village, Named-Jaramnodi, Post office: Jhinia, Sub-District: Sundarganj, District: Gaibandha, Bangladesh to Mothergonj in Rangpur District. 

Inside the buses, we enjoy a lot of singing and dancing to the rhythm of the drums. One very interesting thing let you all know, in our country the Band party used to travel on the roof of the Bus. When the bus was running through a local market the volume of musical instruments was increased by the band party people. They and we all made fun with the public attention. It was really a very silly experience for me. 

Within one and half hour we reached our destination, getting down from the bus we entred into the groom house. All arrangement for the hospitality was very organised. We didn't have a  moment to waste sitting on chair, we made some age wise group and started visiting the new place, where our cousin going to stay forever. 

We all felt it is very important, visiting the maximum area within the time and observing the better and worst for our sister's acknowledgment. Nothing to explain more with details cause we wasted our maximum time doing photography. 

This is a rule made by us and our society, I girl have no right living in his father's house in her whole life, she has to stay in his husband's house although environment, culture and people's are completely unknown to her.

Let's enjoy some random photography, I captured. 

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