The Land of Fire and Ice: Part 6: The Endless Mossy Fields!

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Hello Hveians and welcome back! 

Today we're going to pick up where we left off last time, just finishing up our visit to the black sand beaches and about to head off to our next location!

But on our way out we had to stop at one of the iconic Icelandic churches first!

After that quick pit stop, we were back on the road in this misty/cloudy iconic Iceland weather.

After a bit of driving, the skies opened up a bit and the weather began to change. We were driving through a small town and then we noticed a FULL huge rainbow and had to pull over to check it out!

After admiring the view for a bit, we headed off again to our next location, the moss fields!

These moss fields seemed to go on forever and they are the result of giant pumice fields from volcanoes that nothing can grow on, besides moss. So this moss has been growing here since the 1700's and this unique moss actually takes about 100 years to grow! I think before you were allowed to visit and explore more of the area, but now it's highly discouraged to walk on the mossy areas to protect it from further damage.

It's truly surreal to see this endless expanse of moss!

And after a short walk on an approved trail through the moss, it was time to really see how endless this moss was by putting up the drone! Spoiler: It is endless.

I kind of wish I flew the drone a bit more here, but I did get some good shots and some good video as well, which I'll try to share some of that too!

That's where we'll end todays post, a bit of the shorter installments, but the next location is rather large, so to do both together would be a bit long for one post for my liking.

So what did you think? Did you know about this amazing alien landscape? Have you been here? What were your favorite images? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed this installment and I'll catch you on the next one where we'll visit one of the most EPIC canyons I've ever seen!


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