Street Photography in South Beach, Miami: Testing out a new lens!

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Hello Hiveians and welcome back!

I recently took a quick trip to Miami, and not long I had gotten a new lens that that I was very interested in trying out. But with it being winter here in Boston, I hadn't had too many opportunities to really try it out in a meaningful way.

So while in Miami, I ended up doing a photoshoot with it and another lens I'm pretty excited about, and then after went to shoot around South Beach only with this lens, the Pergear 35mm 1.4. It's a cheap China made lens, for only 120$ and I usually wouldn't of even looked at it if I hadn't read a very interesting review on it, and figured I'd take a chance on it.

In short, I love this lens. It's tiny, especially for its F1.4 speed, and the sharpness is great and it flares in a very interesting, vintage, type of way which I love. I've also been playing with using Aerochrome film editing looks lately, so without further ado, here's what I shot, let me know what you think! What do you think of the lens image quality? What about the editing style? Also, I'll note that all of these images were shot wide open at F1.4! So just to say again, this is the quality of a 12$ lens, at it's widest, of an incredibly wide f1.4! So keep that in mind too!

I'll probably post some from the photoshoot I did as well, soon, and also looking to wrap up the Iceland series soon too! Stay tuned! See you in the next one!

[//]:# (!pinmapple 25.78410 lat -80.12759 long Street Photography in South Beach, Miami: Testing out a new lens! d3scr)

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