Street Photography: A Spring Sunday in Boston

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Hello Hivieans and welcome back!

We're finally getting some decently warm weather up here in Boston and I took advantage of it to do something I haven't really done in about 2 years, shoot some street photos around Boston.

Between the pandemic, as well as kind of being burnt out of shooting around Boston to an extent, I hadn't really been in town much, let alone to shoot. But now with the nicer weather coming in, the pandemic kind of subsiding, and some new vintage lenses to test and play with, I was inspired to jump the train into town!

The main lenses I was looking to play with were the 50mm F2 Jupiter-8 that I recently did a write up on, and the Vivitar 28mm F2. So let's get into it!

I got off the train near MGH, which is on the Charles River, so I shot there a little first.

From there, I walked the river down for a little while, then made my way to the Boston Public Gardens, which is the oldest Public Gardens in America!

And I was there just in time for a lot the trees blooming, so I shot a bit of those!

I was really enjoying the flares on the 28mm lens and the soft dreamy look of these lenses when they're shot wide open!

From there, I headed down to swing by the Leica store to see if any of my friends were working, and it seemed they were closed for the day doing work inside and changing the gallery around. But right behind the store was this beautiful vintage car, and what better subject for my vintage lenses!

From there I headed towards the Boston Common, and on my way one of the horse drawn carriages was going by.

When I got to the common, I noticed a lot of religious people tying to preach their religion, and then saw a protest happening and forgot that it was May Day. The protest seemed to be by the Black Lives Matter group, so I went over to photograph some of it.

There was also a seemingly counter protestor? I'm not not really sure what he was trying to get across, but he seemed to be Jewish and had an interesting and yet quite confusing sign, but none the less, he was a very interesting character.

They didn't speak for too long, so I began to head down towards the Haymarket area, where my favorite pizza place used to be, until it closed last year because of covid, which was very sad news to me. Here's some photos I took on the way.

And here's the street of the pizza place where the Haymarket is held.

I shot a little around that area since I was there.

After that I headed back towards the Common preparing to head back home. And I decided to shoot with my vintage Nikon 35mm F2 lens from here on out.

Once I got back to the Common, I started unloading my images onto my iPad and then I realized I knew the guy preaching about Jesus, and he was a family friend I haven't seen in quite some time. So I caught up with him a bit and took a few photos of him.

After that, I jumped back on the Red line and headed home. All in all it was a great day and so refreshing to see things coming back to normal and people out and about and doing people things once again. I was very happy with the images I got and can't wait to shoot some more with these lenses, as well as some others and put them through their paces.

Well, that's it for this post, let me know what you think! How did you like the images? Do you like the look of these vintage lenses?

And in the meantime follow along with me on or check out for more of my work! Thanks!

Catch you on the next one,


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Wow what stunning photos! I love the colour preset choices

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