Great American Western Road Trip: Day 3: The Narrows of Zion

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Hello Hiveians and welcome back!

Today we'll be picking up where I left off last time, just finishing hiking Angels Landing, and then watching the sunset in Zion. After that, we headed into town trying to get our dry suits for the next morning, but we were too late and they were closed. We checked out the town a bit and then headed to our camping spot for the night just outside the town.

We woke up before dawn, and headed into town to get our dry suits. Showed up, got fitted, paid the 60$, and then headed to the park.

I was a bit worried we might be a bit late and the lot would be full, but luckily it wasn't and we got a close spot. We packed our bags and descended down the 1 mile trail into the narrows.

So for those who don't know, the Narrows is the slot canyon carved out by the Virgin river over millennia. Pretty much the entire time you're hiking in the river, so it's recommended to have good footing and usually a hiking stick for balance. In the summer you could go without a suit, but since it was February, we needed dry suits. Most people go up to what's known as Wall street, which is the narrowest part, where the canyon walls are as narrow as 10 feet wide. Though some people do multi day hikes through and do the entire slot canyon all the way up the river, but that's a lot more intense and requires a permit.

So we reached the mouth of the narrows and began our hike.

As soon as you start the hike you can already feel the immense and powerful scale of the mountains and canyon walls surrounding you. It really makes you feel so small in the scale of things.

This is my second time doing this hike, and it's still as awe inspiring as the first time. With these towering canyon walls on either side of you as the constant reminder of our insignificance in the course of the time that has passed to carve this canyon, it really puts things into perspective.

Watching how the early morning sun begins to melt the snow above, only for it to freeze again as it enters the shadows of this deep canyon.

As we were about half way through the hike, we came across a guy in a red jacket, and he made for a great subject to show the scale of this amazing geological feature!

And as we get deeper into the hike, we start getting closer to Wall Street, and watching as the canyon walls start to narrow in around us.

Once we reached Wall Street, we decided it was time to turn around and head back since we had a bit of a drive ahead of us to our next location and camping spot for that night. So here's the last few images from the way back!

On our way out, I realized I left my hiking stick on one of the river banks, so I had to double back a bit to get that, and then we emerged from the Narrows and made our way back to the parking lot.

On the hike back I reflected on the beauty I witnessed and the scale of time represented in the carving I had just passed through, and it was truly amazing.

From there, we headed back to the city, dropped off our dry suits and gear, and then hit the road for our next location and camping spot, the Coral Pink Sands!

So check in soon for the next installment as we visit these sand dunes in the middle of the mountains!

What did you think? Have you ever heard of the narrows? Have you hiked it? What were some of your favorite shots? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you in the next one!


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