2022 Recap: Year in Photos

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Hello and welcome back!

First, happy new year! For some of you reading it's probably already 2023, but not here yet. So I thought I'd do a quick recap of some of the good and bad moments of 2022.

The year started out pretty great, with planning an epic road trip out West. We rented a van, flew to Vegas and lived out of a camper van for 10 days, here's some of the epic shots from that trip!

And while I still haven't finished that series, I will in 2023! Hopefully! And as amazing as that trip was, it was also when I got a call from my mother that one of our cats had cancer. She had a large tumor coming through her stomach. It was tough, but I decided to pay for the surgery to have it removed, knowing it would only prolong the situation, but we could at least have her for one more summer. Sadly, we had to put her down a month ago when the tumors grew back. This was our beloved Little One :(

Earlier in 2022, a friend who moved back to Italy a few years ago came back to visit and we got to hang out!

In 2022 I hiked one of the craziest hikes I've ever done, Huntington Ravine on Mt. Washington, there's a post about that if you want to see more!

Bernie Sanders came to visit Boston, and I went to go see him!

I didn't shoot too much in 2022, but I had a quick chance to shoot a friend/model, for literally 

And to close out 2022, which is the current series I'm working on, is Iceland of course! So I won't share too many photos, as most of that series is out, but here's a few!

So that's a quick recap of my 2022, with some of the ups and downs, overall a good year, but still with its tough times, especially the loss of our Little One.

How was your 2022? What are you looking forward to in 2023? What are you looking to change in 2023?

I hope you all have a healthy and happy new year, and that you will make the most of 2023! I'll see you all next year!


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