Coronavirus: situation in Belgium

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Coronavirus: situation in Belgium

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Hi There.....Are you feeling ok still?

I sure hope the Coronavirus hasn't affected you by now. Yes indeed I do have a serious side sometimes even though I don't always show it 😀

On the 12th of March, the Belgian Government announced drastic measures in an effort to slow down the Corona Virus.

Following the latest developments, the Natural Security Council came together with the prime ministers after consulting with experts on the field.

They decided upon strict measures to prevent a further spread of the epidemic. The measures will be valid from Friday Midnight up until the 3th of April and will be assessed on a daily basis.

As for the schools.....All lessons will be suspended.....But schools will be open to provide child care for medical and healthcare personnel, people working for public security.....But also for the children of those who have no other solution than to reach out to the grandparents or elderly people.....Crèches will also stay open.

As for universities and colleges, it is recommended that distance learning modules will be developed. These schools will not be closed but encouraged to seek other alternatives for the traditional courses.

As for businesses and recreational activities such as for instance sports, cultural activities, folklore and so on.....All these activities will be canceled.....No matter their size and if they are public or private.

Discoteques, pubs, and restaurants will remain closed

Hotels will be open except for their restaurants

Home delivery and drive-ins are allowed to stay open

As for non-food shops, they are allowed to stay open all week but not at weekends

Food shops and pharmacies remain open all week.....They are recommended to take the necessary hygiene measures.

As far as working is concerned.....Everyone remains at work as far as possible and Telework must be promoted and increased where possible.

As far as public transport is concerned.....Public transport will proceed as usual.....But people are asked to limit themselves to necessary trips.....With flexible working hours, it should be possible not to overload public transport.

The Government also reminds us of basic hygiene measures.....Always wash your hands with soap.....If you sneeze or cough try to do this in your elbow and avoid close contact.....If you are not sure that you caught the virus call your physician and don't go to the E.R.

There are some telephone numbers available for the public in case of questions.....For questions about health and public order.....0800/14.689.....For questions about economy.....0800/120.33

As you can see these are pretty drastic measures.....I can't say I like it but if it can prevent us from getting the virus I suppose it is best to follow these rules.

But not everyone agrees on this.....And they made a big mistake by postponing these measures to Friday Midnight......A lot of pubs held a last-minute party to try to cut their losses.....Lots of youngsters responded and pubs were crowded on Friday evening.....So if there were people that had the virus amongst all those partiers.....The question will be how many more sick will we be having in the next few days 😱

At the moment the status here in Belgium is that 197 people have tested positive to the Covid-19.....137 live in Flanders.....28 in Wallonia and another 27 in Brussels.....Seems there are no records about the whereabouts of the other 5 cases. 886 people have been contaminated with the Coronavirus of which 4 people have died.

I can't say that at the moment I am scared that I might die.....But on the other hand, I hope that I won't catch it......I would be more scared of the fact that I might pass it on to others.

I am not the religious type so I won't be saying any prayers for you.....But I can give you a big virtual hug and wish you strength 😇😷😘

Want to participate and give an update on the situation in your country.....Follow this link and earn some steam maybe

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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So great tx very much :)

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tx so much for the tip :)

In my country it has also finally arrived, I hope that this whole situation will improve soon, although in my country I personally think that it will be more difficult to end the virus, due to the terrible health management that there is on the part of the government

Let's hope they find a cure :o

This is all i can think off its so nasty and i hope everybody i love will stay safe, thanks for the tip i will enter aswell

It is hard not to think of it - it is all around us now :o

Take care 👍👍

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tx be safe :)

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Great tx very much :)

Tgis is a very harmful virus. Stay safe. Bangladesh is in high risk.

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Lets hope for a fast solution :)

Every Country got affected by this dangerous virus. May god save us

We can only hope they find a cure quickly :)

May god saves us

Wish you strength :)

In my country, coronavirus cases are increasing at a worrying rate, these days the best option is to stay home, I hope that this damn disease will end soon. Good publication, congratulations and God help us ...

The only thing we do now is going out for groceries and nothing else :)

Friend, thanks for the information. It's good to know what's going on in other countries.
A fraternal arm.

tx for the support :)

Thank you, friend.

A very strong situation!!
God bless you and your family

Tx may you stay safe too :)

In Catalonia we are doing well, they have taken all the forecasts and there is a quarantine until April.
It is sad, but it is necessary

Same here now they just strengthened the rules now - I hate not being able to get my granddaughter from school 2 times a week - or not going to practice with my band and we had a performance planned on the 15th of April - but I suppose that is not going to happen either - I sure hope this madness ends soon :)

Be patient, dear @seadbeady.
We are living a hard times

I sure hope that we all have the happy fairytale ending :)

How will the restaurants survive, if they are forced to remain closed? It seems that many will be so financially harmed that they will have to permanently close and workers will be unemployed. That is terrible.

There will be some kind of compensation for them although I am not sure how this will affect our economy :o

So the quarentine begins. It'll be a blogging two weeks for me. I hope it doesn't extend too much. My dad is 75 and he needs to get dialisys done 3x a week- I just really really hope everyone really stays at home so renal patients aren't exposed :( Wishing you the best from Venezuela <3

I sure hope so for you - people are asked to stay home if they can :o

In Venezuela the government has just implemented stronger measures to prevent the spread of the virus, I agree if we want to get out of this and protect our families, God protect us all

The main thing they want is to spread the time in which people get infected to make sure not too many people end up in hospital together :o

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