Corona - Situation - Life

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Corona - Situation - Life

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Finally Corona has hit us and it definitely impacts a lot to normal life.

School was opened on 12th March only and kids were sent to school with a load of books / stationary to come back only after 2 days. We did not have any case reported in my place ( Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India), so things were quite normal. There was a mixed reaction to the school close - some parents were complaining saying there was no necessity of closing the schools in advance, since there was not a case in the city. But just a day after, we got the first case reported - And see people's reaction - everyone now feels, it was a wise step 😀😁 - This is human behavior.

Two days back, I had gone out even after the first case was reported. And things were not bad. IMG20200315112735.jpg


I did not feel, there was any impact. People were not that panicked. I even visited a Reliance Smart store, and I saw a modest crowd, with only the hand sanitizers not being available. But rest looked normal.
Even the road side eateries were running business as usual. We have a lot of them, and evenings are pretty crowded there.

The famous gol gopa (pani puri) is probably the best source to get the virus, but nothing stopped people eating them 😀😁 I rarely take them, but I have tasted it once here, this person really makes it pretty tasty and people wait for him to come in the evening. He sells so much that, he owns two apartments and has rented them out 😀

But suddenly life started changing since yesterday, as the government bans started coming into play. Now they have notified to close all the shopping malls, shopping areas , where large crowd can gather. Even they notified to close all swimming pools, gyms , any family functions that would have any large gatherings. And then even there was advise from govt representatives on media to not go outside, if absolutely not needed. But then this made people panic and rush to buy and stock their daily needs. Reminds me the quotes by the Joker - "Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be."
This is my regular small store from where I get my groceries, and in all other days there would be hardly 2-3 people. But yesterday was different. I had to wait for more than a hour, to get the groceries. I was not knowing the situation, and in stead asked him, if I should come back later. But then he was saying, he may run out of stocks, so its better to take , so I waited. All the stores were having similar situation. I saw some people buying large quantities of daily minimal needs ( rice, atta etc). And the shop keeper was saying, he never saw this craziness, even in the time of the super cyclone. Crazy people !!!! Government did not tell them to buy their stocks 😕😕😕


My kids asked me to get some masks and sanitizers, but they are all out of stock every where. And I heard, the surgical masks that usually sells for 1 rupees, are now being sold at 100/-. For some, its a business opportunity. I know, they are of no value - a simple handkerchief would be better than that. But people barely understand. I got this photo to show my kids and asked them to make their masks at home. Government has put these as essential items and prohibited sale of them at higher rates - but laws are only fruitful till people abide.
Corona is definitely hitting us hard - but only time will tell, if we are over reacting. There are thousands of ways your soul can leave your body - Corona is just one of them. So nothing to panic or fear - Death is an ultimate truth - so why fear ? We must take the right steps to make the situation better - Fear or panic will only worsen it. I am living with a Liver cyst and had an appointment to do the ultrasound today. I am still going for it with all the precautions, that I can take.

In my state, I appreciate the efforts that is being taken by the government. They have now a official site, where people coming from outside must report ( otherwise it will be treated as crime). And the best part is the cash incentive that the government is going to give - Rs 15000/- after 14 days of self quarantine. Definitely this should encourage people to get them listed and help the society instead of running away or hiding.


Before ending this post I must say, this initiative is a great step that will help people know about situations at various places. And it simultaneously helps our chain as well, because I am sure, many of this would show up search results, making outside people land here.

Corona at least made the world know about the Indian style of greeting with Namaste. I have seen many posts where people have reported issues getting stocks of Toilet Papers. May be the Indian style of using water to wash is a rescue if you do not get TP 🤓 🤓 🤓

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Beautiful stuff here wow. @tipu curate

The situation is only becoming worse here in India. We now have 137 confirmed cases and Maharashtra is the epicenter of the pandemic.
I hope the virus stops spreading soon.

I think, people need to take it more seriously and take every step to stop the spreading.

Most people up here in north are pretty serious about it.
I am in New Delhi and I haven't gone to my library for 10 days.

Well, I think, we need more of you , in my place, 144 is getting enforced. So at least that will restrict movements.

That's a nice step indeed.
We definitely need a proactive approach to stop the pandemic from spreading.

Nice post btw!
Keep the community informed about the happenings in your area.

In many states including here in Bihar, schools are closed. Me and my wife are alone here as our school is closed till March 31. Hope we and our economy come back to normal soon!

The pictures are wonderful even in a gloomy corona virus period, my country isn't as affected as we have only two cases, I hope the situation gets better with time. Yours @Josediccus

Yes, I hope , we will win over this soon.

I pray that my neighboring country mates stay safe in this spreading pandemic. Our whole society, community, culture and economy is based on relationships and such crisis that distances people is surely a curse for the lovely people of India. But I know India is strong enough to rise over such disasters.

Thanks for sharing your situation in India, it made me realized that COVID-19 is a real pandemic that is affecting the whole world. In the Philippines where I'm residing, our President has declared a State of Calamity and locked-down Luzon (biggest part of the country). The lockdown also refrained people from their work, studies, and the regular way of life here.

I hope this pandemic will end soon, it's really bad for the social & economic life of the affected countries.

Stay safe & healthy bro.

this Coronavirus is crazy. I m trying to be indoors as much as possible

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