Street Art in Atlanta

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Street Art in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Roamadic team headed to Atlanta, Georgia last week from Birmingham, Alabama and explored the city for three days. Aside from the various attractions that Georgia offers such as the Ponce Street market and Martin Luther King’s birth house, the city also boasts copious amounts of street art, which is what this post is about. Before we dive in an explore the best places to view street art in Atlanta we just want to add and let you all know that you can keep up to date with our 10 month road trip across the United States and Canada by subscribing to our Youtube channel (
Here you can see the adventures we had in Atlanta from visiting Martin Luther King’s memorial or us adding to the street art in Krog street tunnel as well as the national parks we visit and the 22 states we are travelling across in the coming months.
Without further ado here is our list on the best places in Atlanta for street art.

Krog Street Tunnel

Krog Street Tunnel is located between the neighborhoods of Cabbagetown and Inman Park and is covered in graffiti and art work from top to bottom. The busy street sees cars add to the gritty urban feel whilst tourists and residents hustle along the narrow pathways.


The dimly lit tunnel and the reflection of car headlights enhances the graffiti art which helps to provide the authentic and unique feel of Krog street tunnel. This unrivaled tunnel helps it stand out amongst other cities who also offer unique street art experiences such as Melbourne, Australia and their impressive host of murals.
A big reason why Krog street tunnel is on our list is the fact that anyone can add to the street art. The Roamadic team were unaware of this and were lucky enough to have previous tourists give them two spray cans to create some “art” which you can see below.


Although our artistic abilities don’t go far beyond smiley faces and cats, we were sure to add our social media handle and positive quotes.

Wylie Street South-east

Wylie street is another awesome place to view street art in Atlanta. The street art winds around walls and neighborhoods which offers a more peaceful setting to view the intriguing murals.
The high walls showcase massive, towering designs and conveys a more professional element to the street art in Atlanta.

Every year local artists are selected to replace the previous murals and each have their own individual section to produce art for the neighborhood and city. This gives a chance for local artists to showcase their work to the community whilst giving a new look to Wylie street every year.
Below you can see some of the local artwork on display in Wylie Street.


The Beltline Eastside

Last on our list is the Beltline. We accessed the beltline from the Ponce Street Market which if you’re in Atlanta is a great and iconic place to visit. The market offers a wide variety of food and also some local shops. There is also a large sky garden balcony which offers a great view to the surrounding city and park located below.
The beltline displays many murals and street art along the walls and under bridges as you walk down the path. Although the beltline doesn’t offer as impressive art as other places on our list the advantage that the beltline has is the walk itself.
The path Is secluded from the road and sheltered from the noise of the city, and so a gentle stroll taking in the murals and various art is a great way to spend an afternoon. Many of the local residents use the beltline to walk their dogs or go for a run whilst others stop along many of the local cafes, restaurants and bars.



We hope you enjoyed this post on our experiences with street art in Atlanta.

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