The Bayview Hotel Guam, OMG what an experience !

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The Bayview Hotel, Guam USAThe Bayview Hotel, Guam USA

What can I say about The Bayview Hotel Guam. The only thing nice thing I can say about it is, it was a free week's stay inclusive of 3 meals a day and it's got a great view of sunsets over Tumon Bay. Here, have a look:

Lets get down to the nitty gritty. How did I score a free week's stay here: Well, I was pressured into trying to test out early from Covid-19 quarantine at the Outrigger Guam. You can read about my Covid-19 ordeal here: and my review of the Outrigger Guam here:

This is how I stylish I looked being transferred from one hotel to another:

Here I am rockin the quarantine transfer attire: shower cap, face shield, gown and shoe coverings. They should have made the gown longer!Here I am rockin the quarantine transfer attire: shower cap, face shield, gown and shoe coverings. They should have made the gown longer! 

The room I got was pretty normal at first glance. A bathroom with a tub and separate shower, 2 beds and the usual stuff you'd expect in a hotel. Sorry no pictures, I couldn't salvage a buncha photos from my corrupted CF card. As you can see in the above photo, the walls weren't exactly clean something you'd expect in a 3-2 star hotel. I've actually had rooms in 2 star hotels in SE Asia that were better than this. I didn't really care tho, I was soooo looking forward to chillin in a tub full of hot water.

First sign of trouble is the trail of ants I found and stomped on. Then there wasn't any chairs! Only a stool thing that was soooo uncomfortable to sit on. I had to "swipe" one of the plastic chairs that were outside every door that were being used as the spot where they leave your food. Then after taking off my socks, the floor was damp. Great! they sanitized/cleaned. I realized this wasn't the case when I went to fill the tube for a hot water soak and stepped on the floor mat. What made things worse there was no hot water! So I decided to wash my clothes. Compared to the Outrigger, this place sucks! lol. Here's some photos:

The food at both quarantine hotels seemed the same to me. It was good but I'm not the best person to ask about food. If I can eat it, it's good, haha. The only noticeable difference, to me, is the water. At the Outrigger, if I didn't take my water, they wouldn't leave any more. At the Bayview, they gave 2 bottles of water every time they delivered a meal. If I didn't take the water at breakfast, I'd have 4 at lunch and 6 bottles outside at dinner time. I sure as heck can't drink 6 bottles of water everyday. Seriously! I even asked them not to give me anymore but they didn't listen/care. Here's some photos:

Here comes the part that made the whole experience the absolute worst for me. Even worse than having no hot water to shower, it may be just my personal problem, I hate cold showers. BUT a broken aircon that can't be turned off or have the temperature adjusted?! COME ON!!! I had 2 layers of sweats, 2 long sleeve t's and a jacket, 2 socks on! I requested for extra blanket, twice! I asked repeatedly about the hot water and the aircon but all I got was, we're working on it, for the whole @#^%$#@ week! It wasn't just me either, the guy next door, same problem. We spent most our our stay on the balcony, which was joined, separated only by a fence. We couldn't leave the balcony door open either, because of all the bugs that come in. I don't know know about you but I hate those big, flying cockroaches!

Anyways, I figured out a solution after day 3, newspaper and gaff tape. Yes, I always have gaff tape on me when I travel or go shooting. I've used it to tape up gear bags, tape flashes to stuff, tape clothes shut (sleeves and pant legs) so bugs don't crawl in. Stuff like that, and now, handy to redirect air! 

Gaff tape and newspaper to the rescue !Gaff tape and newspaper to the rescue !

Maybe it's just me, maybe it's just because of the pandemic but would you want to take a chance? Especially, when my local friends without fail, make some kind of "omg they stuck you there?!" kind of reaction when I tell/told them where I had to go to finish my quarantine. I definitely wouldn't stay here again, unless it were free haha.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

All the photos (unless otherwise noted in the post) were taken by me and are available for sale. If you're interested in buying an image or three, 😃 please don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

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