I may fear beer now ...*!&%$

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This is pretty good, my fav Asahi so far!
This is pretty good, my fav Asahi so far!

This is kinda weird...This isn't a troll post or anything of that nature, just a recounting of my experiences after getting the Johnson/Jansen vaccine shot.

Ever since the vaccines became available, everyone says the second shot is much worse. That is the case for me BUT my circumstances are different here's why...

Recap, I tested positive for Covid-19 while I was in mandatory quarantine after my travels, when trying to test out early (after 6 days of mandatory quarantine). So off i was to the Covid-19 positive quarantine hotel. I wasn't really feeling any symptoms, just felt tired and achy, which I attributed to jet lag.

Now months later, after my mandatory vaccine shot (Johnson/Jansen) I was sick for 3 days. Fever, aches and pains. It sucked !!

The worst of it is, for some reason, after I got over fevers, I find it difficult to drink beer now. It's such a chore to take a swig and swallow it. There's like a gag reflex. Seriously! It doesn't matter what beer either! I love drinking beer especially ones I haven't tried before but now even my usual "go to" beers, like Heineken and Corona, they just won't go down without a fight.

You know it’s bad when you gotta force the beer down!
You know it's bad when you gotta force the beer down!

Funny thing is, I was complaining at one of my social nights and one of my drinking buddies complained that he can't drink more than 2 bottles of beer now, without starting to feel buzzed. Trust me, it takes a lot more than 2 bottles to get any of us buzzed. He said he noticed it after his 2nd shot (he got Pfizer).

Ya, there could be worse things in life, I know. I just wanna put this out there. Feel free to comment if you or someone you know, have any "weird" after effects from getting vaccinated. For the record there's 5 of us who gather regularly for Happy Hour, all of us vaccinated but only 2 of us have this weird beer issue.

Anyways, just thought I'd put this out there. Stay safe, everyone!

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