Finally, something to do in Guam amidst the pandemic. UUWG !

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Check in counter at Underwater World Guam
Check in counter at Underwater World Guam

Hey guys, as Covid-19 travel restrictions have eased up, at least for the moment, anyone ready to travel? Whilst many tourists attractions have yet to re-open, there has been one spot that has opened up albeit with reduced/special hours and that is Underwater World, Guam.

Entrance to UnderWater World from the street
Entrance to UnderWater World from the street

It’s not a particularly large indoor aquarium nor does it have a lot of exhibits, compared to the other ones I’ve been to, like the ones in Singapore and Japan but it does have 2 unique features that neither one of those have (to the best of my knowledge) and that is a dinner service and the option of getting into the water.

Me with a shark
Me with a shark

I’ve never tried their dinner service because the few times I’ve checked out their dinner menu, I wasn’t able to eat a lot of the food (due to allergies) and at $99 per adult ($25 for kids) it wasn’t worth it for me. I must admit though the menu reads like the food is very yummy and the ambiance is quite unique! Personally though, I feel using the benches that are in and around the aquarium as dining seats and using fold down boards secured to the paneling around the actual aquarium are a bit of a let down for menu/pricing of that caliber. The dining service is only available on Friday’s and Saturday’s and you must make reservations as Covid-19 capacity protocols are still in place.

See the blue table top folded behind the bench back rest?
See the blue table top folded behind the bench back rest?

As for getting into the water, there’s two choices. For open water certified people you can scuba with the sharks. The cost is $199 (at time of this writing) for 2.5 hours inclusive of briefing. For those who aren’t dive certified, there’s the “SeaTrek” which means just walking in the tank (in one particular area only) while the dive staff lure some sea life to you. You don’t need to know how to swim or anything. You’ll just wear some dive gear and “air helmet.” This costs $89 per adult and $79 for kids. Here’s some photos:

For those of you who don’t wanna get wet. You can just walk around and look at the marine life on the ground floor. At 2pm, you can sit around and watch the divers feed the sharks. Or sit around and watch the "sea walkers," if there are any when you're there. The exhibits are on the second floor accessible by escalator from within the facilities. I haven’t seen elevator access inside the facilities but there are outside, for those who need it. This attraction ends with a gift shop on the second floor but is lacking in products the last few times I was there probably stock control due to the limited number of visitors as a result of the Covid-19 protocols and stuff. I have a yearly membership as I find it relaxing to look at fish. Plus I find it challenging to get decent shots with my phone, in the gloom, through aquarium glass. HAHA.

Here's some photos of the marine life you can find in there.

General Admission (at time of this writing) is Fri and Sat 10 am to 4 pm but I’ve been there a few times (at those hours) and they were closed. Just saying. You can try your luck by walking in or you can book online via their website at The cost is $23 for adults, $12 for a child and free for toddlers. Annual membership is $40.

I think if you’ll stay in Guam for awhile and love marine life then the annual membership is a better value. You’ll have someplace somewhat interesting to go for an hour or so especially if the kiddos are getting restless. Otherwise $23 a pop is pretty steep considering the amount of stuff there is to see in there.

Hopefully more places open up so I can post more stuff to give y'all a heads up if you're headed this way. Until then, stay safe!

All the photos (unless otherwise noted in the post) were taken by me and are available for sale. If you're interested in buying an image or three 😊, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details 👍. Thanks in advance!

Comments & Critiques are always welcome. As are upvotes and resteems, if you like what you see.

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