A free 6 night stay in a suite at The Outrigger Guam, was it worth it?

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Sunset view from the Outrigger Hotel, GuamSunset view from the Outrigger Hotel, Guam

The Outrigger Guam has since changed hands. It is now the Dusit Beach Resort, having been bought by the 5 star, Dusit Thani hotel right next door.

So how did I get a free 6 night stay at The Outrigger? All thanks to Covid and the Government of Guam. The Outrigger was used as a quarantine hotel. I could have stayed 14 days but stupid me and under pressure from my bosses, I tried to "test out" of quarantine to serve the remainder of my "sentence" at home. I tested positive for Covid on the 7th day and got sent to a Covid positive quarantine hotel, The Bayview. I'll post a review on that hotel shortly. If you wanna read about my Covid ordeal, it's in this post: https://hive.blog/hive-163772/@rayshiuimages/air-travel-to-and-from-guam-under-covid-19-restrictions

I recall thinking to myself, man, this Covid mandatory quarantine ain't so bad ! This friggin suite is bigger than the studio I currently live in! People can drop off things and "front desk" will bring it up at certain hours of the day and although Covid protocol prohibited alcohol and cigarettes, my homies snuck some into my "care package" anyways (along with a work laptop, not so bad, I love my job). 

This is how I work in quarantine, hahaThis is how I work in quarantine, haha

The hotel is clean, not out dated, supplies fresh (though they did run out of coffee one day). No housekeeping service due to Covid protocol though but I don't mind, I always stick the do not disturb sign on my door when I travel anyways. You just have to leave your sack of trash outside your room door. Here's some pics of the inside:

See, they even have different lighting for the different sections of the suite! 

Man, three meals served a day, daily newspaper, 24hr aircon, sunset views, ocean breeze. All while "working from home!"

Seriously, what more can I ask for?! I really shouldn't have tested out!

If you fancy a trip to Guam, I'd highly recommend The Outrigger, now the Dusit Beach Resort. It's located beach side and almost in the middle of the main happening area of the Tumon strip.

Here's some photos of the views from my balconies (yes, there 2!)

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