3 places in Jembrana, Bali that I highly recommend visiting!

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Bali is quite a popular place for travel destinations. You can enjoy great sunset at Uluwatu Temple, admire the beauty of Tanah Lot Temple, or lost yourself in the forest of Tamblingan. However, this time I would not talk about those places, but just my home town which probably you never heard of in West Bali.

The town is called Jembrana which is about 100 kilometers west of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. I used to live in the capital when I worked as a tour guide, but since the COVID-19 I went back to my home village. And I have more time to explore my own town. Here is my recommendation for you if you ever visit my place. And I have just recently also been to these places.

Sunset Point at Pengambengan Beach

Hundreds of colorful fishermen boats in Pengambengan Beach.

Pengambengan beach, over the years, has developed into the biggest fishing village in Jembrana regency. There is even a fish cannery in the beach area.

The best time to come to this is at sunset time. At this time, you will see many (around 300) colorful fishing boats parked by the harbor. You could walk along the beach and see this beautiful scenery until you reach the sunset point. From there, you could wait for the sunset on the western sky above the sea.

The sunset point in Pengambengan Beach

The last time I was there, I did not see the sunset because it was cloudy. But still, it was a great view during my afternoon in Pengambengan Beach.

The view of the sun in the western sky as it got closer to the horizon.

Palasari Dam

The view of Palasari Dam with forest and hills in the background.

Palasari Dam was built around in 1986 and ever since it has become the main source of water in west Bali especially for farming. The dam is open for the public that people can visit and enjoy the scenery in this 100 hectares dam. The 8 million cubic meter water stored by the dam is just like a lake. You would enjoy the lush view of forest, hills, and this man-made lake if you were here.

The road by the side of the dam that you could walk on while enjoying the scenery.

You could just simply be here and enjoy the view. You could walk along on a paved road alongside the dam.

In an area of the lake, there was a meadow where you could go camping and fishing for a hobby. You would not need to worry about the heat of the sun since there were many trees growing around here. What's more, since this dam is located on higher land, the temperature is relatively cool. You could easily lose track of time if you enjoy being close to nature.

This meadow is great place for camping and fishing by the side of the dam.

Rambut Siwi Temple

Rambut Siwi Temple is located on the cliff by the black sandy beach. Built in around the 16th century, the temple was built by a Hindu priest whose name was Dang Hyang Nirartha.

The stairs near the beach leading to the temple.

To reach the temple, you need to drive from the main road to the beachside. Next, there are stairs which will lead you to the top of the cliff. It would take only 5 minutes or so to walk upon the stairs then you will reach the main temple.

The main gate to the inner yard of the Rambut Siwi Temple

On the top of the cliff, you could see the view of the black sandy beach, the coconut trees, and rice farms in the distance. The temple itself is a great example of Balinese traditional architecture.

The temple’s inner yard.

Going to the temple, you need to wear decent clothing and pay attention to the regulation of entering the temple.

That's all the great places that I can recommend you to visit in my town if you ever come here. Have a great travel!

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