Travelling in the New Normal - Welcome to Moon Garden in Tagaytay City

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While most have been stuck at home for months, Red and I have been out and about looking for places to explore as local governments have started to relax their quarantine protocols.

While most local government units follow stricter rules on safety and health, asking visitors to provide check points with travel pass and itinerary, hotel accommodation, and negative swab result which must have cost anyone his arms and legs, Tagaytay City has become one of our favorite go-to location with convenient safety protocols that includes only your temperature check, health declaration, and the wearing of masks and face shields. 

Tagaytay is a haven for travelers from Metro Manila who have been stuck in their homes for months. 

I have decided to start a series of posts of our travel adventures during the quarantine period, and to start it all off, let's go to Moon Garden in Tagaytay.

A Unique Hut that Looks Like a Bird House in Moon Garden

Imagine living in a hut in the middle of a peaceful, beautiful, and private garden, that basically is what the Bird House in Moon Garden offers. The hut has a king sized bed, and offers two toilets - one in the room, and another one at the basement. The house may look small from outside, but once inside, you'll be surprised to find that the hut has two levels - the bedroom on the upper floor, and a spacious toilet and bathroom on the bottom level. The rooms do not have air-conditioning, but don't you worry 'you polar bears' the mountain breeze is just as cold at night.

Access to Wi-Fi is available at the pavilion, and in the morning, you'll enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at the gazebos.

A few important reminders though should you book the place - visitors, smoking, pets, and loud noise are not allowed. You're also not allowed to eat or drink alcohol inside your rooms. Absolutely no partying at night. The place is ideal for spending more quality time with your loved ones.

Now, if you're okay with the house rules then book a stay in Airbnb, and don't forget to use my link to get PHP 3,100 off your accommodation.   

In my next article, I will take you to the beautiful Lipa City in Batangas.

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